Examples of Big Brands using WordPress

We get this question often in your main Digital Marketing business: Are there any big brands using WordPress?

The short answer is YES, a lot, WordPress is powering 35% of the internet, that’s huge! Some of the biggest brands in the world are using WordPress sites, from Facebook to Time Magazine, the Whitehouse, and more. We have compiled a very interesting list for you below.

WordPress Website Examples

1. The White House website – The White House represents the official residence and the workplace of the president of the United States of America.

Websites created With WordPress

2. Time.com – Time magazine website. Time is a weekly news magazine, also a news website and it's published in New York.

Websites Designed With WordPress

3. Mercedes-Benz is a WordPress created website. Mercedes-Benz is the most known German automobile brand, with a long and beautiful luxury vehicle history.

Wordpress Created Websites

4. Playstation website. Playstation is well known by the games console, a world leader and it's managed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This is a powerful WordPress website example, a huge brand that has embraced the CMS platform, not just for their blog but for their main business website.

Wordpress Website Examples

5. Blog Etsy. The global marketplace Etsy is a guide and a shopping website for vintage and handmade items.

Websites Developed In WordPress

6. Go Daddy is located in the USA and is a publicly-traded internet domain registrar and a web hosting company. One of the best websites for purchasing domains.

Websites Created Using WordPress

7. Home Depot – the largest home improvement retailer supplying tools, products for construction, and different services. Its a beautiful WordPress website example, that proves once again that even business one of the most visited websites in the home/tools/diy site can be built around this popular CMS.

Website That Use WordPress

8. Glass Door is the website that offers employees the chance to review companies, to view and submit salaries anonymously and to apply for jobs.

Which Websites Use WordPress

9. Rolling Stones, the celebre English rock band started in London in 1962 and today it has with so many fans worldwide.

Famous WordPress Websites

10. Bloomberg – privately held financial, data, software, and media company headquartered in New York.

Companies That Use WordPress

11. Sony is a Japanese multinational corporation with a diversified business: electronics, gaming, entertainment and financial services.

Big Companies Using WordPress

12. Disney – The Walt Disney Company is an American multinational with: theme parks, resorts, movies, tv programs, characters, games, videos, music, shopping and the story continues.

Brands Using WordPress Websites

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