The Divi Community.

Wpelo is very close to the launching date, a big part of any such launch is proper feedback and testing.

For testing out the tool, we had the following plan:

  1. Find a few actual clients that need a new website – to build a few new websites using wpelo system – to get actual feedback on the other side of the process
  2. Find a few agencies/freelancers and give away the tool for free for 12-months in return for their feedback.
  3. Go back with that feedback, improve and launch a stable version, wpelo version v.1

Initially, we were hoping for 10-20 people in total to test the platform.

However in less than 24 hours after posting on a Facebook group called “Divi Community” we were greeted with overwhelming success.

350 Agencies Signed Up – a 22% conversion rate.

Here is the message I left on the group.

I run a digital agency; were design WordPress sites for clients. We have built over 1000 WordPress sites, most of them in Divi.

I charged for a Divi site from €150 to €50.000.

Anyway, I have been doing this for a long time now; I first purchased “elegant themes” in 2011 

Most things have changed a lot in the last years, except for the actual website creation we wanted to build a solution that makes the whole experience a more streamlined, efficient process – for both sides.

Both for clients and us (agencies & freelancers)

We would love to give our product for free, 12-month unlimited access to members of the Divi Community group in return for feedback. The product is not live; we are finishing the website content in the next few weeks. (website built with Divi and

WPELO is a plugin meant for web agencies and freelancers, so if there is anyone interested, please join here and send me a PM.



Edit: We spent a lot of time understanding the actual process of building a website for clients, and we have concluded that the old way of doing it is fundamentally flawed. Businesses, even though some don't realize it, depend a lot on the websites they have, and a great site pushes their business higher and faster.

Edit: The tool goes live internally with an actual client this Tuesday, we have taken a client in, with the main goal to have the first live run (hotel website) it will be built in divi. Full disclaimer we will tell the client about the fact that we are testing the tool on them.

(please don't critique the home page content/design it's more of a place holder  we spent a year developing the plugin but we only started the website a few days ago)


Looking back, just in the last 10 years of client emails/calls I've spent explaining and reporting little things in the website design progress, over and over again I think I could have saved months. We are more motivated than ever to put this live and use it our selves.


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