Looking for your next project to invest?

Looking for a partner to help me push my SaaS project forward. I am looking to raise $300k from no more than 5 investors while retaining at least 51% of the business for control.

Money will be used for marketing (40%), development (35%) and operations (25%).

I have prepared a short(ish) presentation for you, just fill in this form and I will email it to you right away.

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A few notes

  • Investors money will be paid back before any profits are paid
  • I am are looking for alternatives to raise capital – going for a bank loan
  • We have set up a meeting with a group of investors in Jordan through some contacts
  • Project concept and coding is 6 month in the making
  • Project idea is 12 years in the pipeline
  • a little bit about me – www.radubalas.com

This SaaS is first to market and I am the best person to implement it, my background matches perfectly with the business. I believe it can disrupt a huge industry.

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