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Building an easy to follow client retention strategy is one thing most people think they understand but they screw it up completely most of the time.

Demonstrating value early on isn't so much of a challenge for many WordPress digital agencies. The first couple of months working with a client should show them how much value you bring to the table and measurable results, beautiful sites, and clear marketing KPIs.

However, later in the relationship, improving at a steady pace becomes, and wowing your client constantly is next to impossible, if you don't have a good strategy. Your clients might no longer be excited like when you first started.

Just like in a relationship, if you stop bringing flowers.


Building a client retention strategy is essential if you don't what to chase new clients every day. Once you truly understand that getting a new client is way more difficult than keeping one your business will experience real growth.

By solving this, you become more profitable and less stressed. Customer acquisition cost is a big part of the game and you need to find the perfect balance between that cost and customer lifetime value (CLV) vs your comfort levels.

So, how do you retain your clients and grow your WordPress Digital agency?

Check out these 7 client retention tips for WordPress agencies.

Understand their goals

If you don't fully know and understand the long-term goals of their business, delivering impressive results consistently becomes a challenge. You must do more than knowing the ins-and-outs of what they offer. What do they define as success? Learn that.


Many agencies fail to recognize how important it is to establish an open line of communication with their prospects. The best way for you to manage the expectations of a client is to establish the project scope from the get-go. Then, stay in touch with them, deliver regular updates, and listen to them as they discuss what they consider to be important.

Connect personally

Take the connection to a personal level by knowing about the lives of your clients without coming off like an intruder. When you really get to know them on a personal note, talking to you and updating you about their business becomes something they look forward to.

How are they feeling?

Why wonder about how your clients feel about your services when you can just ask them? Taking their feelings into account gives you access to valuable feedback on your agency’s performance.

It also shows them that you are committed to providing them the very best. No matter how they feel, they will appreciate that you listened to them. The feedback also creates room for improvement.

Report regularly to prove your success and that you are there

Presenting cold, hard stats is a very effective way of showing your client that you have helped them progress. You are a profit center, not a vendor. Reporting helps you to own the numbers and take responsibility for the revenue and leads that you generate. Ensure your report is relevant and easy to digest.

Maintain your enthusiasm

This is a problem for many agencies. Proving your worth every month isn't that easy when working with long-term clients. Disputes might arise or you could simply become less enthusiastic about the work you do. But no matter what happens, giving your very best to your client should be the standard.

Onboard the right prospects

Be selective when choosing what clients to work with. This is a good way to take control of your churn rates. You want to avoid high-risk prospects altogether. That’s because it usually doesn’t pay off in the long run. Successful agencies recognize trends by reflecting on canceled deals. By identifying these issues, you can determine the attributes of high-risk clients.


Make it your goal to keep your clients happy and committed for a long time. This might seem daunting but doing so helps you maintain a successful WordPress agency.

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